UPA for Corruption – and Atrocity?

Like most other fellow-citizens, I have been horrified, saddened and angered by the UPA government’s and Congress party’s treatment of Baba Ramdev and other peaceful protestors at Ramlila Maidan on Sat June 4th.

Why did UPA resort to a raid and arrest at night? Was UPA and Congress threatened by the support for Baba Ramdev’s fast? Did they decide Mahatma Gandhi’s ways were to too outdated for modern India and for modern Congress, and hence trying to eliminate fasting as a way to protest? Did they hope that the public and media will soon forget the event and the movement will die down? Did UPA arrest Baba because the opposition party BJP supported him?

Why did BJP support Baba? Does BJP really believe that none of its members or major donors will be caught with black money? Or is it because Baba, if he ever forms a new political party, would actually take away lot more of BJP’s votes rather than Congress’s, and thus strengthening Congress?

Why didn’t UPA arrest Anna two months ago and did arrest Baba now? Were those who handled Anna’s case more civil than those who handled Baba’s or did they just not get enough time to think up such a plan the first time? Was it because the elections were fast approaching in several states when Anna began fasting and there aren’t any when Baba began? Did UPA conclude that Indian citizens will surely forget and probably forgive any atrocities against peaceful protestors by next year when elections will be due in some other states?

Will this be beginning of another 1977 as some fear or will UPA’s acts strengthen the anti-corruption movement? What will UPA do next? More importantly, what should we, the Indian citizens who are against corruption, do next?

We may have lost the Baba battle. But we cannot afford to lose the war against corruption! Whether we agree with Anna’s or Baba’s ways or not, we can’t afford to sit in sidelines or be armchair critics. India needs as many alternative approaches as possible to gather critical mass of supporters. Every person and every approach will count towards reaching the “tipping point” faster.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Natvarlal R Trivedi, Ahmedabad on June 13, 2011 at 7:37 am

    All common men think that almost all politicians are corrupt. Therefore none should expect that they will any thing to harm themselves.Only nonpoliticians with the help of massive public support esp. young generation can compell them to act in a particular way.People are very much hopeful in Anna’s drive.
    He is sure to win.


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