Joining Loksatta Party and Contesting MLA Election

It has been more than an year since I last wrote on this blog. Several major things have happened during this time. I will try to summarise the major events to provide the link between the previous posts and next several posts which I will write from my ‘election campaign trail’.

Anna Hazare’s movement that I was involved since more than an year has taken a different shape in the last 3 months. Arvind Kejriwal has been working towards building a political party – and Anna has parted ways to continue with the movement Indian Against Corruption which saw its peak success last year.

I had always been convinced that the most effective way to bring changes to our political system is by entering politics. I had come to know about Dr.JP and Loksatta Party months before I took the plunge into politics. Working with several activists of India Against Corruption movement in Bangalore, who were also the members of Loksatta, I was convinced that Loksatta is the right platform for anyone who has the ambition of establishing ethical politics in India.

I formally joined Loksatta Party during September of 2011. For nearly nine months Oct 2011-Jun 2012, I worked on Dr.Ashwin Mahesh’s campaign taking on several aspects of campaign management. Dr. Ashwin, a former NASA-scientist and a current researcher at IIM, Bangalore contested Bangalore Graduate Constituency election (to be a member of Legislative Council (MLC)) inspired hundreds of people in Bangalore. I may write about the experiences of working on his campaign when I get time.

Now, I am contesting for Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) election from Basavangudi, Bangalore, on Loksatta Party’s ticket. I have launched the campaign on the auspicious day of Aug 15th. Election to the next Karnataka State Legislative Assembly are due in late April or early May, if the current government completes its 5-year term.

I need help and support of hundreds of people from outside Basavanagudi – and the support and vote of nearly 50,000 voters from Basavanagudi! Please join and meet me on my campaign trail. Please visit my website and ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ my Facebook page:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Madam,
    It is encouraging to see you standing for MLA election from Basavanagudi.
    I had a very fundamental question – How effective can you be for citizens of Basavanagudi if you are elected as MLA, considering that you would be a single member in the legislature with all other MLAs working against you.
    The more practical side of my concern is that – Eg. If there is a traffic management issue in Basavangudi will you have the power/authority to get it corrected ? Because to rectify a signal light or so you still need to rely on BBMP/Police etc who anyway listen to the majority politicians and their ilks.
    How do you respond to such simple practical issues but very significant impact to citizens on a day to day basis?


  2. Posted by m. satish kumar on April 8, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    i will suport lokksatta party….this party is realy politacal satis from west godavari distic..


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