Continuing My Journey for Clean Politics – Now with AAP

As many of you have followed, my journey to help create a platform for clean politics in India started more than 3 years ago. I was a part of the Anna Hazare/India Against Corruption movement and then worked to build the awareness and momentum for clean politics in Karnataka using the Loksatta platform. I am grateful for the hard-work and commitment of hundreds of volunteers, contributions and encouragement of several donors and thousands of well-wishers from all over the world – especially during my Basavanagudi MLA election campaign last year. I didn’t win the seat – but we definitely won thousands of hearts and created a hope in Karnataka, particularly Bangalore, that clean politics is possible.

I and several of my colleagues at Loksatta were very thrilled when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) succeeded in Delhi elections – and in breaking the misconception most common people held that good people cannot win elections. Most importantly, this was not just a group of traditional politicians coming together like 1977 Janata movement. This was a real people’s movement. Having awakened the common people into the possibilities that they never thought was possible, I believe this momentum will continue. Having shown it is possible in our capital city, known for its cynicism, I believe it would be possible to establish better politics all over India within next few years.

Over the last two months, I was confronted with a question repeatedly – by people who knew me from my previous election, by people who had heard about Loksatta, by the random people on the streets who heard about Loksatta and our fight against KPSC scam for the first time – Why was Loksatta not working with AAP while goal being the same?. While there were talks between Loksatta and AAP about working together, it is not a simple matter to merge the efforts of two parties with different working styles and, arguably, different policy perspectives. After long and painful deliberations, I felt that it is crucial for the cause of good politics to forgo individual brand affinities and work hard towards the shared goal itself. The huge efforts required to hit the tipping point to establish the brand-name could instead be applied towards increasing the momentum if we used a brand-name that is already well-known for a similar goal. With this thought process and to have an immediate role in shaping the movement in Karnataka, I have decided to continue my efforts with AAP.

I understand my decision could be upsetting for several people from Loksatta as well as others who may place high value on loyalty towards a person or an organisation. I assure everyone that my commitment towards clean politics is unwavering. I am – and will remain – a fan of Dr.JP and Loksatta – and I would love to see Dr.JP as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh this summer. I look forward to a day when all good forces will come together to establish clean politics as a minimum standard in each and every state of India.

We all have an opportunity and an obligation to maintain the current momentum for clean politics. We need to generate many more JPs and many more Aravind Kejriwals among us. I have seen the enthusiasm, courage and energy of thousands of volunteers working towards the cause of anti-corruption over the last 3 years whether at IAC movement, at Loksatta or at AAP. This gives me a renewed hope for clean politics in India.


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  1. Posted by Vasu on February 1, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Excellent decision. This is the time to act on common goal. Request other loksatta members to join AAP and strengthen the cause.


  2. వెరీ గుడ్ very good. I really appreciate your attitude. AAP and LSP both are tell “follow ideals but not persons” so that i am also follow those AAP members and doing in my way. Like Santosh koli (she is dead in AAP). Ill take (on Feb 22) a camcarder and record and share through online and fight against corruption with RTI. My cooperation with you. All the best.


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