This site is dedicated to (1) finding and recognizing individuals and groups that engage in positive politics in India (2) providing a platform for the Indian citizens who are contemplating entering politics.

I strongly believe that positive politics and positive leadership can make significant impact in raising the quality and standards of living for crores of citizens. I think it is high time for Indian citizens to begin electing political representatives with a combination of good character and intelligence. I believe that there are several current politicians in various parties who possess reasonable morality and intelligence. Let’s encourage and support them to stay positive as well as encourage moral and educated citizens – like you and me – to dare to enter politics.

Over the last 12 years, I have often thought about getting into politics. “Are you crazy? Why politics?” is a typical response by my friends, relatives and acquaintances when I mention about my interest to enter active politics in India. Most people say that “good and honest people cannot survive in politics.” Another typical response is that “there are other ways to contribute to the society. Why don’t you join a non-profit?.” While I appreciate their genuine concern for my well-being and their effort to protect me from what they see as imminent failure, I remain positive and a strong believer in the positive politics.

Yes, there are several other ways to make significant contribution to society. I believe that politics offers the most effective way among all others. It’s the politics that establish a society where the other ways of making contributions are possible!


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  1. Posted by Guruprasad on December 9, 2010 at 6:29 am

    Madam, I am happy to see somebody taking the first step.
    I am very much interested in participating and supporting your activities and like to be in touch.



  2. Very well said. This, I agree with you, is the problem with Indian politics. No one who is educated, responsible and having moral integrity steps in. And when an occasional good one like Shashi Tharoor comes in and dares to try to breathe in some fresh air, he is promptly thrown out. Sad state of affairs. And as you said, unless the political echelons and the bureaucracy are clean, no other progress will be allowed to take place.


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